Food Test Network Inc (FTN) is similar to a testing laboratory (such as Consumer Reports Inc and Consumer Labs LLC), but our approach is reimagined to leverage the internet, social media, crowd-sourcing, and the emergence of low-cost, easy to use, food test kits (starting with gluten). 

Inspiration:  FTN was inspired to answer questions like these:

  • What is the prevalence of gluten (due to trace ingredients and cross-contact) in popular foods?
  • Are the chicken wings and ribs at popular BBQ restaurants gluten-free, as some people speculate, or does their seasoning contain trace amounts of gluten?
  • Are the corn tortillas and chips at popular Mexican restaurants gluten-free as the ingredients suggest, or are they contaminated with gluten during their preparation?


Mission:  FTN is a for-benefit corporation whose mission is to provide a knowledge base and risk profiles that help resolve allergen uncertainties as well as assess the allergen claims of restaurants, grocery stores and food companies. Our plan is to eventually expand beyond gluten to also cover many common food allergens.

Vision:  We are revolutionizing the food testing industry in order to achieve our vision of scaling to become the planet's largest open source database for food testing.  

Here's our blog on gluten-free restaurants & stores, and links to other gluten-related websites that we like.

Here's our team. FTN is hiring! If you want to revolutionize the food testing market and have software, social media and/or business development skills, then contact us.


Check-out FTN's Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign


* Disclaimer: Food Test Network Inc provides an online database of test results for sample foods; and accordingly, the Company doesn't provide guarantees as to whether a food contains a tested substance.

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