General notes on your custom theme


Your custom NationBuilder website & theme has been built to work with NationBuilder's page template system, which is designed to make it easy to add and manage many different types of pages to your website via your NationBuilder Control Panel. You can learn all about NationBuilder's website features here:

There are a number of special considerations to keep in mind when working with your custom website & theme:

1) Your website & theme includes a number of enhanced custom features, including a bespoke homepage, an optional sharebar that you can turn on/off for every page, an alternate "container" page layout for your basic page templates, and more. These features are describe in other sections of this guide.

2) Your theme requires a number of key pages to work properly. You can update and change the content on these pages as needed, but make sure that they don't get deleted and that the slug stays the same. Here's a list of the slugs for the key pages of your theme:

  • /home
  • /join
  • /footer (for the copyright, etc)

3) Your theme also uses page tags to control the placement of certain elements on your homepage and in your website's footer (see the What design elements are editable on my homepage, and how to I update them? and How do I add/manage links and content in my website's footer? questions in this guide for more info). You should make sure that you have at least one page on your website that uses each of the following tags:

  • learn more (for the footer)
  • get involved (for the footer)
  • what we do (for the home page)
  • test_results (for the home page)