Ryan Alvarez-Cohen  |  Founder & CEO

When I was 15 years old I learned that eating gluten was hurting me. I didn't want this gluten problem to limit the active lifestyle that I had grown to enjoy, so I began using ELISA kits to test popular foods to determine the prevalence of gluten - particularly due to trace ingredients and cross-contact. I posted my test results online to access them anywhere. Soon, I realized that other gluten-free eaters wanted access to my database of test results. Additionally, I hypothesized that if more people knew about the easy-to-use gluten test kits, then they might do their own food tests and share the results with the public via a website. Eventually, I learned that millions of people who want to avoid common food allergens (as well as food toxins and pathogens), would be interested in an online, public database of crowd-sourced test results. This series of realizations led me to ramp-up Food Test Network. 



Lucas_Crop.jpg Lucas Greenbaum  | Co-Founder

amy_headshot2.JPGAmy Wilhelm  |  Food Testing & Blog Author

 Ivan_Headshot_Crop.jpgIvan Jutamulia  |  Marketing

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