What design elements are editable on my homepage, and how to I update them?


Your custom homepage includes multiple elements that you can edit and update, including:

Intro section

The intro section of your homepage will display the headline and content from your homepage. To make changes/edits to this content, simply update the headline and content for your homepage.

The signup fields that display this content are automatically generated by your custom theme, and are connected to the /join page on your website. Be sure that the /join page is set up as a Signup page, and that it does not get deleted.

You can also customize the background image that is used for this section by uploading a new photo under Site settings > Header image. The recommended image dimensions are 1026px wide by 325px high. Remember that the text that displays on top of this image is white, so be sure to choose an image that is dark enough so that the text will still be readable.

What we do section

This section will display the content from any page on your website that is tagged with "what we do". This section uses a three column layout, and the content for a page is displayed in each column. We recommend having three pages on your website tagged with "what we do" so that all three columns are filled out. We've set up the following three pages and tagged them with "what we do" for the launch of your new custom theme:

  • /learn
  • /post
  • /investigate

Homepage Featured Content Slider

This design element on your homepage is controlled using the Featured Content Slider settings on your homepage. The recommended image dimensions for these sliders are 1300px wide by 745px tall. Remember that if you use the Headline/Action text option to add test to your images, that text will be white, so be sure to choose images that are dark enough that the text will still be readable.

Latest Tests

This section will display the four latest pages or posts from your website that are tagged with "test_results" in a tiled layout. The title text for each tile is generated by the content in the Headline field for each page or post, and the author and date are generated automatically by the settings for that page. To customize the thumbnail background image for a tile, simply add an image to that page or post named "thumbnail.png". If no thumbnail image is attached, a default thumbnail image will be used instead.

Latest Articles

This section will display the three latest posts or pages from your website tagged with "Articles". The title is generated by the Headline content for that post or page. If the page is a blog post and contains content "before the flip", it will also display below the headline. The author and publish date are generated by the settings for each page as well.