What is a "container" page, and how do I use it?


Sometimes you may want to use the pages in your top-level navigation menu as "containers" to organize related subpages on your website. You may however not have a lot of meaningful content available for these "container" pages

Landing on an empty page can create a poor navigation experience for your viewers. To help make sure your viewers have a great and intuitive viewing experience, we've developed a special feature that allows you to turn these types of "container" pages into a directory of the subpages below it. Simply add the tag "container" to any basic page, and a list of all subpages will appear on that page in a tiled layout.

Each tile has a default background image that will be applied automatically, but you can also add custom thumbnail images for a subpage. To add a custom thumbnail image for a given subpage, upload an image that's 360px wide by 196px tall and named "thumbnail.jpg" to the subpage in question.

Great question. The way the container page is organized is actually related to the menu settings, and can be adjusted under the Subpages > Sub nav pages tab in the settings for the Articles page. However, this is a bit of an unusual use case because most of the subpages of your Articles page don't have the "include in top nav" option checked, so they won't show up in this list. What I recommend doing is temporarily turning on the "include in top nav" option for all of the subpages under the "Articles" page, rearranging them in the order you want them to appear using the Subpages > Sub nav pages tab, and then turning off the "include in top nav" option again for any pages you don't want to have show up in the drop down of your website's primary navigation menu.
Let me know if you need any further clarification or assistance with this. Thanks!